Have You Ever Wondered How to Shave With a Straight Razor?

Have You Gotten Tired and Bored With the Same Old Shave Routine?

Do You Want to be Daring and Interesting? Do You Want to Master an Old Art?

Start Your Day Off With a Little Excitement – She Will Like It!

Velvet Forge has released an All New Straight Razor for Beginners and Experienced Shavers Alike. This one of a kind razor is a 6/8″ round point classic cut throat straight razor.

The same razor used by our forefathers during WWI, WWII and well before that. These great role models taught us what it was to be a man and they proved it time and again.

Our forefathers used straight razors because they wanted to get the job done right the first time.

Stop Wasting Money on Low Quality Throw Away Razor Blades. Invest in a High Quality Straight Razor That Can Be Passed Down For Generations. Blades are freaking expensive?

Don’t you want a better, closer shave? You can master an old art, feel the satisfaction of getting an excellent shave and the daring satisfaction of doing with a straight razor.

Velvet Forge Lifetime Quality Guarantee Master the Art of Straight Razor Shaving Today Thank you for looking